Student Organizations

Office of Students Services offers leadership, recreational, social, and cultural opportunities that enhance the student's educational experience. A student organization is an organization formed and governed by students enrolled at the North American University and is registered with the Student Services at NAU. There are many student organizations on campus. NAU believes these organizations are crucial to student engagement and retention.
North American University has an abundance of clubs available for our students on campus.

(ACM) Computer Science Club: Available for all students to learn more about computer coding, projects and
career. Also, for computer science majors to get extra practice.

(ACMW) Women’s Computer Science Club: Improve the skills of computer science by uniting women under one organization.

(GAMMA) Gaming, Anime, Music, Manga, and Art Club: Like its name G.A.M.M.A. students get the chance to socialize under their particular interests.

(CO) Cinematography Club: The development of films and creativity through the lens.

(DP) Dialogue Platform: Was established for all students to explore other’s ethnicity, race, culture, faiths and beliefs. It is an open forum for all students to discuss in a safe environment.

(EDA) Education Development Association: Was formed in order to enhance the teaching skills, help students to experience the education field by joining the organization and participation in the work.

(FC) Film Club: Film club is for students who enjoy movies and exploring various films. Students will get the chance to discuss films and film making.

(HLS) Hispanic Leadership Society: Promotes the Hispanic culture & traditions through, programs, meetings & events.

(JA) Journalism Association: An association of students that write about the events, clubs, classes and programs of NAU and its students.

(MC) Math Club: An Intensive English Program club that was designed for all students including NAU to expand on their math skills. Students can get extra help with their math classes as well as experience the fun of

(MSA) Muslim Student Association: “Strives to enrich the diversity of the campus life by educating our peers about the religion of Islam.”

(PC) Photography Club: To display student’s creative sides. Photography Club also works to take pictures of our events, programs, clubs and students.

(SAA) Student Athlete Association:An elected organization that involves students that are active in athletic clubs.

(SC) Science Club:An educational club where students together explore scientific theories.

(SGA) Student Government Association:An elected organization that runs and governs over all other clubs on campus. They are the voice of the student body. The SGA Election Packet provides detailed information for students interested in running for a position in the SGA Spring 2015 elections.

(TSO) Turkish Student Organization: To familiarize the student body with the Turkish culture.

(WB) Women in Business: Creates networking opportunities for it’s members and enhances the business major educational experience.

NAU also has a few current athletic clubs on campus that compete at the club level against other schools
in the Houston area.

Men’s Basketball
Women’s Volleyball
Men’s Soccer

Any students wanting to start a club that is currently not sanctioned on campus can by creating interest and filling out paperwork.