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Merit-based scholarships are available for qualified residential freshman and transfer students. Scholarship recipients must meet all university requirements for regular admission in the fall and spring semester for eligibility.


Tuition & fees

Merit Scholarships are available for qualified incoming students. In addition to scholarships for new students, we also provide current students the opportunity to advance their initial scholarship with improved GPAS though our scholarship renewal program. Student athletes can seek to earn athletic scholarships.


Full-time students (12 credits or more per semester) may qualify for the scholarships listed below.


Domestic Students Scholarship Rubric

Dean Amount: $7,000

Criteria: SAT 1000 or 21 ACT or 3.5 HSGPA or Top 200 or Q2 OR Transfer students with 3.0 CTGPA & 24 credits or 2.5 CTGPA & 40 credits

Stallion Amount: $5,000

Criteria: SAT 800 or 16 ACT OR 3.0 HSGPA or Top 300 or Q3 OR Transfer students with 2.50 CTGPA & 10 credits or 2.0 CTGPA & 30 credits

Texan Total Amount: $3,000

Criteria: All US


HSGPA = High School Grade Point Average
CTGPA = College TRANSFER Grade Point Average
Q1 = Students in the first quartile (25%)
Q2= Students in the second quartile (50%)
Q3= Students in the third quartile (75%)
R + M = Critical Reading + Math portions of SAT® Test
ACT = the composite score in the ACT® Test

International Students (Students on a visa)

International Presidential Amount: $7,000

Criteria: SAT 1500 or 34 ACT or Remarkable Achievement achievement documented by student and approved by scholarship committee such as ISO Medallion Recipient OR International Transfer students with a 3.9 CTGPA & 60 credits

International Trustee Amount : $6,000

Criteria: SAT 1300 or 29 ACT or Exemplary Achievement documented by student and approved by scholarship committee such as ISWEEP Gold Recipient or INEPO Gold Recipient or Top 1% of National Exam OR  International Transfer students with a 3.50 CTGPA & 50 credits

International Dean Amount: $5,000

Criteria: SAT 1100 or 24 ACT or Outstanding Achievement documented by student and approved by scholarship committeesuch as ISWEEP Silver/Bronze Recipient or INEPO Silver/Bronze Recipient or Top 5% of National exam OR International Transfer students with a 3.0 CTGPA & 40 credits

International Stallion Amount: $4,000

Criteria: SAT: SAT 1000 or 21 ACT or Noteworthy achievement documented by student and approved by scholarship committeesuch as ISWEEP Honorable/Participation Recipient or Top 10% of National Exam OR International Transfer students with a 2.50 CTGPA & 30 credits

International Texan Total Amount: $2,000

Criteria: SAT 900 or 18 ACT or Recognizable achievement documented by student and approved by scholarship committeesuch as Top 25% of National Exam OR International Transfer students with a 2.5 CTGPA & 15 credits

International President’s Recognition Award: $2,000

International Dean’s Recognition Award: $1,000

Scholarship Rubics are updated before each semester and are subject to change.

Athletic Scholarships

NAU offers athletic scholarships that cover full tuition and fees to a select group of students who meet both academic and athletic criteria.

Candidates are recommended by *NAU Athletic personnel. They must possess leadership skills, exceptional athletic abilities, promising academic achievement with strong academic potential. Scholarships are renewable based on a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above, continuous recommendation of Dean of Students and athletic coach.

*Athletic performance level is determined by the related coach for women’s volleyball, men’s basketball and soccer. The scholarship recommendation should be submitted by the athletic coach to the dean of Students along with a scholarship application as observed in the link above. The Dean of Students will finalize the scholarship based on coach recommendation(s), athletic rubric and scores.

Exceptional Merit Scholarship

Exceptional Merit Scholarships are available to students who qualify. Please speak to your admissions officer for details.

International Diversity Scholarships

North American University also offers a diversity scholarship to international students who are the first to enroll from their native country. Please speak to your admissions officer for details.

Renewal Criteria and Conditions

The NAU Scholarship Committee reviews current scholarship recipients each July to determine their level of scholarship based on previous years CGPA. Students with less than 24 attempted credits will NOT be reviewed (remedial classes do not count).

US Resident Academic Achievement and Renewal Criteria

US Resident Main Scholarships
(main scholarship may go down 1 level if CGPA requirements are not met)

Scholarship Name Renewal CGPA Amount
Dean Scholarship 2.90 CGPA $5,000
Stallion Scholarship 2.60 CGPA $4,000
Texan Scholarship 2.30 CGPA $2,000
Full Sports Scholarship* 2.50 CGPA $11,900
Half Sports Scholarship* 2.50 CGPA $5,950
Third Sports Scholarship* 2.50 CGPA $3,967

US Resident Academic Achievement Scholarships
Academic Achievement Scholarships are included in the initial qualifying scholarship. The Academic achievement scholarship award may change and will be replaced with the appropriate scholarship upon renewal.

Academic Level Renewal CGPA Amount
4 2.00 – 2.49 CGPA $1,000
3 2.50 – 2.99 CGPA $2,000
2 3.00 – 3.49 CGPA $3,000
1 3.50 – 4.00 CGPA $4,000

 International Academic Achievement and Renewal Criteria

International Student Main Scholarship

Scholarship Name Renewal CGPA Amount
International Presidential Scholarship 3.50 CGPA $7,000
International Trustee Scholarship 3.20 CGPA $6,000
International Dean Scholarship 2.90 CGPA $5,000
International Stallion Scholarship 2.60 CGPA $4,000
International Texan Scholarship 2.30 CGPA $2,000

International Student Additional Scholarship*

Scholarship Name Renewal CGPA Amount
President’s Recognition Award 3.50 CGPA $2,000
Dean’s Recognition Award 3.00 CGPA $1,000


* Recognition Awards are awarded to International Scholarship recipients on their first academic year only at the discretion of the University Campus President, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and the NAU Scholarship Committee. All International students will be considered by the NAU Scholarship Committee to receive a recognition award each July to determine previous years CGPA meets the above mentioned CGPAs. International students with less than 24 attempted credits will NOT be reviewed. (remedial classes do not count)


  • Scholarships may not be applicable for summer school and for part time students. If you do not maintain the required credit hours for the duration of the semester, the entire award may be canceled and you will be responsible to pay all tuition charges and late fees.
  • The amount shall be applied directly against the recipient’s educational expenses at a rate of 50% for the fall semester and 50% for the spring semester.
  • Recipients must be enrolled as a regular full-time student at NAU, taking and maintaining at least 12 credit hours each semester in the current academic year. This excludes their last semester (in preparation for graduation), in which scholarship amounts will be given on a pro-rated basis.
  • The recipient shall maintain the highest standard of conduct on and off campus. Students facing disciplinary action and/or on probation may be asked to get approval from the NAU Scholarship Committee before the renewal of their scholarship.
  • Students should inform the Financial Aid Office of their intent to leave NAU (temporarily or permanently) by the appropriate deadline for fall/winter of the next academic year to be considered for the following academic year.
  • Students receiving financial aid are encouraged to see their Financial Aid and Academic Advisor during the fall and spring semesters each year to check their academic status and their satisfactory academic progress.
  • US resident scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 2.0 CGPA and have attempted 24 credit hours each academic year (remedial classes do not count) in order to renew and receive even the lowest amount of institutional scholarship. If a student does not meet these requirements, they are subject to receiving no institutional scholarship. Scholarship reinstatement would be contingent on NAU Scholarship Committee approval.