North American University offers an array of student success services. Tutoring is offered on a daily basis in the Success Center from 9 A.M.-7 P.M. all undergraduate subjects. Tutors may offer an array of services throughout the semester ranging from an academic workshop or a Tutor talent show. The Peer Mentor Program works closely with all incoming freshmen students. The program in unison with the freshmen seminar course and acts as a liaison for all incoming freshmen. Several activities and events are planned throughout the semester which include, weekly mentoring sessions, adviser meetings, networking events and one off campus event. Academic workshops are offered throughout the semester.
Typically, there are 4 scheduled workshops each semester. They are designed to provide students an opportunity to receive tips and strategies to boost their academic confidence. The student success center offers disability accommodations. Any student that has a disability may complete the disability accommodation form with the appropriate medical documentation. The Success Center ensures that the student receives the appropriate accommodation as determined. As of Fall 2016, the success center implemented a new program, “Earning through learning”, which allows students to earn points each time they receive a tutoring session. Once they achieve a certain number of points they can exchange their card in for free NAU gear. We have had over 200 students receive tutoring on campus.

Student Success and Career Coordinator
Jeremy Richardson

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
Room 830

Office: (832) 230 5079

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Key Words: Strategy, Plan, Vision, Values, Action

Student Success Center Goals
  • To encourage students towards self-advocacy
  • To provide individualized assistance to students
  • To establish new initiatives that promote student success
  • To work collaboratively with other student services offices
  • To equip students with the tools towards self-confidence and efficient learners
  • To provide an array of student-centered workshops
  • To evaluate all activities and use evaluation outcomes to enhance future services
Student Disability Services

If you know or feel you have a disability and would like to request accommodations to be provided. Please complete the disability accommodation form located on the website here or you may located below: