Employee Forms

 For in-house forms, log into the ADP portal.

Authorization to Release Information

North American University Human Resources is the custodian of employment files and records. Personnel Files are held with extreme privacy; without written authorization, an employee’s personnel file or reference will not be released. Employees must submit Form 6200-20 Written and/or verbal Reference Release in order to authorize the release of their employment record to respond to reference requests made by parties outside of the University. With a signed release form, performance and other relevant information may be released by HR or others who have been specifically designated.

Employees wishing to designate a supervisor to release a reference on their behalf must submit an original Reference Release Form to Human Resources with a copy to the designated individual.

Employee Verification

All requests for employment verification must be submitted to jobverify@na.edu.

  • If you need verification of employment for mortgage approval or other financial reasons.
  • Confirm that an individual is or at one time has been employed by North American University.
  • Affirm or negate salary information about a past or present employee.

If you are an employee requesting a letter of employment verification, you may make your request via email to jobverify@na.edu. If you are a past employee requesting release of information for your prior service with NAU please complete and submit Form 6200-20 Written and/or verbal Reference Release and email to jobverify@na.edu