Spring Graduation Application Reminder

Remember the application deadline is fast approaching for the Spring 2017 Semester.

If you are planning on graduating this Spring, you MUST complete a list of requirements by February 24th, 2017.
“Learn more about the application requirements via the link below”
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The new online Master of Education in School Counseling

Teachers and other professionals interested in earning their Master in Education in School Counseling now have an affordable, online option available at North American University

A Master of Education in School Counseling is designed to give students a sound knowledge and skills related to foundations, history and philosophy of school counseling profession.

It is structured to prepare students to use individual and group counseling theories, human development, and equip students with skills required to coordinate counseling program components related to school communities. This is a master's degree aimed at helping students develop knowledge of the role of professional school counselor, professional standard and behaviors as defined in Texas Education Agency’s Comprehensive and Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program.

“Learn more about our online program via the link below”
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NAU ranks amongst top 10 schools for coding in the US

Congratulations to the Computer Science Department!

The Computer Science Department of North America University has recently reaped a couple of prestigious rankings from and
In the subject of coding, North American University ranked 8th in a list of Top 10 in the United States by and ranked amongst the Top 50 for best schools in the world by

For the ranking, in an article publish by Ritika Trikha, North American University ranked 50th by a combination of Highest Performers and Number of Participants, with a score of 68.52, and the only private non-profit university included in the ranking. The only other private university listed was Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Our quaint university is proud to be amongst a curated listed of great universities and will continue to strive for excellence in Computer Science education.

hackerank leaderboard

” North American University ranked 8th in a list of Top 10 in the United States by “

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Spring 2017 Early Registration

Early registration begins November 14!

Spring 2017 early registration commences on Monday, November 14th for continuing students.

Students are advised to take advantage of this early access to register for classes.
The Spring 2017 course schedule is available below.

“Opens November 14th”
spring 2017 course schedule
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Elementary Education Concentration Added

The NAU Education Department is proud to announce the new Elementary Education concentration under B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. Students who complete this program will be able to work as Elementary School teachers in schools. The program features student teaching opportunity (practicum) for its students. During Practicum, externs will put into practice the skills they have gained in the Interdisciplinary Studies in Education program.
The program features student teaching opportunity (practicum) for its students.
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ACM Cyber Security Lab Moonlight CTF

NAU-ACM’s Cyber Security Lab Mini Conference and Moonlight CTF

North American University is proud to host a prestigious event on Saturday, December 3rd, called the CTF (Capture the Flag). This event is organized by the NAU - ACM Cyber Security Lab and sponsored by Kaspersky Lab with Clint Bodungen, Senior Critical Infrastructure Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, spearheading the event.
“What is a CTF?”

A CTF is a computer security competition where teams compete against each other to collect more points by finding flags, or simply solving security problems in different security field areas such as Cryptography, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, and Web Application. In a jeopardy style CTF, the point value of each question differs according to it’s hardness. At the end, the team with the most points wins.

Sponsored By:
Kaspersky Lab logo


  • This is a beginner/intermediate CTF
  • There will be meals provided.
  • Limited to 100 people , first come, first serve.
  • Fee for Adults: $25
  • For Students: Free, Student ID required
  • CTF questions range from more Technical questions to Trivia questions that anyone can solve” and “Information obtained from the presentations can be used on solving CTF problems


  • First Place: $100 per person and/or hacker gadgets
  • Second Place: $50 per person and/or hacker gadgets
  • Third Place: $25 per person and/or hacker gadgets

CTF Rules

  • This will be a jeopardy style CTF
  • 1-2 people per team
  • Teams need to register using online website before the competition
  • No pre qualifications , open to everyone


  • Saturday, December 3, 2016
  • Conference time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • CTF: 5:00 PM to Midnight


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Stafford Campus Official Opening

North American University Stafford Campus Official Opening

North American University celebrated the campus opening in Stafford, Texas with a ribbon cutting event open to the community. The opening of this university will mark the first four year university operating in Stafford, Texas.

The ribbon cutting event was held on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 11:00 A.M. at 11929 West Airport Blvd. Stafford, Texas. Mayor Scarcella of Stafford and Mayor Jessup of Meadows Place both attended and spoke at the event to welcome the university to the area. The opening of the university campus in Stafford, Texas will allow the residents of Stafford, Meadows Place and Sugarland communities easier access to affordable higher education.

“ We hope that future graduates, stay in Stafford after they graduate to help enrich the local community.”

– Mayor Scarella .

Our new campus in Stafford, Texas allows university students a safe and relaxing backdrop to focus on their academics and participate in student activities. “The new campus should be seen as the outcome of a great success story put together by dedicated faculty, staff, students and the community since 2010.” noted Dr. Pecen, University President.

“It will offer our university students a safe and relaxing backdrop to focus on their higher academics and participate in the student activities.” He added.

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Presidential Lecture Series – Liz Lara Carre‎ño

The PLS is proud to present Liz Lara Carre‎ño on October 17th at NAU!

The North American University Presidential Lecture Series is proud to present Liz Lara Carre‎ño. “It starts with an idea” will be presented at 3pm in North American University. This speech will last an hour.

Liz is the Outreach Director and a National MOD Faculty member of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. She has been with the program since its launch in January 2011 thru an agreement with The City of Houston and partnership with Houston Community College.

“It starts with an idea”
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North American University Ribbon Cutting

North American University Stafford Campus Official Opening

Come celebrate the official opening of our new campus in Stafford, Tx on Tuesday, the 4th of October at 11am! Our new campus is uniquely positioned in 2 communities, the city of Stafford and the city of Meadows Place, this grand opening will allow residents of both communities to tour of our university campus and learn about our goals and programs. Our university will also be the first 4 year university within the city of Stafford's city limits. Our address is 11929 West Airport Blvd, Houston, Texas 77477
“This event is free and open to all!”

North American University is a small non-profit traditional university offering affordable Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science and Education.

If you plan to attend the the ceremony, please indicate so on facebook by clicking on “going”:

facebook rsvp

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Google @ NAU Virtual Talk

Google is reaching out to North American University tech students virtually via Hangouts!

Want to hear about what it's like to work at Google, gain tips for your resume and Google interviews, and learn about some of our opportunities for tech students? Come learn firsthand from a Google Software Engineer and NAU alumnus!
“Hope to see you there!”

Google @ NAU Virtual Event


September 13, 1:00 pm


4th Floor Meeting Room


All Computer Science and Engineering students, but anyone with an interest in software development is welcome!


Learn more about Google’s hiring process, culture, job and/ internship opportunities, and more! – directly from a Googler!

What next?

Register for the event BELOW! Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are up to date (feel free to link both in the form) and of course come with lots of good questions!


rsvp here

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