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The Registrar’s Office handles transcripts, advising for incoming freshman
students, course registrations, and much more. We can be contacted at

Our Mailing Address is:
North American University Registrar’s Office
11929 W Airport Blvd.
Stafford, TX, 77477

Student Request

Request for Official Transcripts

Please choose either a printed transcript for mail or an electronic transcript for email. Transcript requests will be processed within 4 business days. Please make sure to fill out all information fully and accurately. Students should not open the envelope in which transcripts are issued or else the transcript will be considered unofficial.

Note: Each transcript ordered will cost a fee of $10. In addition, students who have a hold from any NAU Office cannot receive an official transcript. To see if you have a hold, visit your student portal and contact the affiliated office.

Verification of Enrollment

VOE requests will be processed within 4 business days. Please make sure to fill out all information fully and accurately. Students who have a hold from the Bursar’s Office or from the Registrar’s Office may not order a VOE. To see if you have a hold, visit your student portal and contact the affiliated office.

Providing quality service and records management.


All forms are available on the Jenzabar portal. Please utilize one of the links below that serves you best


North American University protects the security, confidentiality, and integrity of student records, and maintains special security measures to protect all academic records. It recognizes that the privacy and maintenance of student educational records is a necessary and vital part of the student’s education. Offices housing records as outlined below (Location of Educational Records) will comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and all pertinent policy regulations. Students may inspect and review their educational records based on written request.

Access is given to a student within 30 days after the request has been made. An appropriate administrative official or member of the faculty will obtain the record for the student and will remain present while the student reviews the record. FERPA protects the privacy of student records and regulates who has access to information about a student. Outside of general directory information, most student information including grades, disciplinary issues, etc. are protected under FERPA. There are a few common exceptions to FERPA.


  • Student information may be shared with other departments on a need to know basis or for “legitimate educational interest”. For example, if a student is appealing their academic suspension, the Academic Appeals Committee will have access to the student’s academic progress.

  • If a student is defined as a dependent child (meaning their parents claimed them on their last tax return), the parent may have access to the student’s files even if the student did not list their parent on their FERPA Release Form. It is important to note that since tax laws vary from country to country, this does not apply to international students.

  • In cases of emergency a parent may be notified if the student’s health is at risk even if the student did not list a parent on their FERPA Release Form.

  • School records may be released to another institution if the student is attempting to enroll in that institution. However, unless the student has initiated the release of information (such as a transcript request), attempts will be made to contact the student prior to release the information.

  • Student information may be released to Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

  • If a students has been charged with a crime by any local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, release may be given to the parents in regards to the crime that the student is being charged with.

  • If a student is in violation of school rules and faces disciplinary charges regarding alcohol and controlled substances AND they are under 21 at the time of disclosure, the parents may also be informed of the violations that have occurred.

For more information about FERPA, please click here. If you feel that your rights under FERPA have been violated you may fill out the following FERPA Complaint Form

Always pay close attention to deadlines.
How do I register for classes?
  • Continuing students, see your Academic Advisor first. If your Academic Advisor is not available, see your Department Chair. Once you have meet with your Academic Advisor or Department Chair, you may register for classes through your student portal. If online registration is closed, you can submit a “Student Course Registration” form to the Registrar’s Office before the registration period ends and we will register the courses for you.
  • New students with transfer credits need to see your Department Chair for advising.
  • New students without transfer credits can see the Registrar’s Office to register for courses.
  • Students in the Master’s programs need to see your Academic Advisor before registering for classes.


How do I order a transcript?

Transcripts can be ordered online above.


How do I order a Verification of Enrollment?

Verification of Enrollments can be ordered online above.


Where can I get a copy of the course schedule?

The schedule is located online at Click on “Academics” then click on “Course Schedule”.


Where can I get a copy of my schedule?

Students can view their schedule on the student portal once they have been setup on Office 365 by Technical Support.


How do I add or drop a class?

See your Academic Advisor during the Add/Drop Period. You and your Advisor will complete the “course add/drop” form located on the forms section above , then submit to the Registrar’s Office.


When is the Add/Drop Period?

See the campus academic calendar.