Faculty Members

Education Department Faculty Members

The Education Department has faculty members specializing in a variety of fields including English Language Arts/Education, Mathematic/Education, Education and Supervision, Computer, Educational Technology, Educational Leadership, and Counseling disciplines.

Area of teaching specialization: Education, Geography
Rank: Professor
Ed.D., Higher Education and College Teaching, Oklahoma State University
M.S., Geography, Oklahoma State University
B.S., Geography Education, Black Sea Technical University
Email: halil@na.edu
Office Phone: 832-230-5545
Room: # 840
Courses to teach:
EDUC 2311, GEOL 1311

Area of teaching specialization: Education, Mathematics Education
Rank: Assistant Professor
Ed.D., CUIN Mathematics Education, University of Houston
M.S., HRM, University of Houston
B.S., Engineering, Dalian University of Technology
Email: kkurban@na.edu
Office Phone: 832-230-5160
Room: # 831
Courses to teach:
MATH R300, Pedagogy Professional Responsibilities

Area of teaching specialization: Measurement, Research Design, Statistics, Human Development, Education of the Gifted and Talented, & Special Education
Rank: Associate Professor
Ph.D., Educational Psychology Individual Differences, University of Houston
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction – Gifted and Talented Education, University of Houston
B.S., Mathematics Education, Bogazici University
Email: aksoy@na.edu
Office Phone: 832-230-5521
Room: # 836
Courses to teach:
EDUC 4318, EDUC 4320, EDUC 5311, EDUC 5313

Area of teaching expertise: Reading, Writing, English, Law
Rank: Adjunct Faculty
Degrees: B.Ed., M.Ed., MLA, JD
email: schamberlain@na.edu
Office Phone: TBA
Room to teach in Fall: TBA
Courses to teach: TBA
Remedial Reading ENG: 301
Remedial Writing ENGL 300
Technical & Professional Writing ENGL 3318

Areas of teaching specialization: Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, Psychology
Rank: Adjunct Professor
Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Argosy University
M.Ed., Education (Curriculum and Instruction), Alabama A&M University
M.S., Psychology, Kaplan University
B.S., Psychology, University of Alabama
Email: wschulze@na.edu
Courses to teach:
EDUC 3313, EDUC 5316, EDUC 5319, EDUC 5322

Area of teaching specialization: English, Literature, English Pedagogy
Rank: Associate Professor of English
Ph.D. in Reading/Writing/Literacy emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland
M.Sc. in English, Iowa State University
B.A. in English, University of Northern Iowa
Email: asmith@na.edu

Area of teaching specialization: Educational Technology, Instructional Design and Technology, Distance Education
Rank: Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology, Virginia Tech
M.Sc. in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Syracuse University
B.Sc. in Computer Education, Gazi University
Email: hyilmaz@na.edu
Courses to teach: EDUC 5312, EDUC 5313, EDUC 5324, CUIN 5331, CUIN 5332, CUIN 5333, CUIN 5334, CUIN 5335

Area of teaching specialization: Mathematics Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Rank: Certified Educator and Educator Certification Program coordinator
M.Ed., Education (Curriculum and Instruction), University of Houston
B.S., Mathematics Education, North American University
Email: ksari@na.edu

Additional Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Barbara Baethe , Education, School Counseling
Dr. Deborah McGinty , Counseling
Dr. Laszlo Vass , Science Education
Dr. Michael E. Shunk , Science Education
Larry Whittington , Mathematics