2021-2022 Season Expectations

School spirit and pride are at an all-time high with things coming back to normal from the COVID-19 restrictions. The University has entered a new era of academic and athletic excellence. Led by Head Coach Kenneth Apande, we are excited to begin the 2nd football season in school history. We are slated to play 10 varsity games and 5 junior varsity games this 2021 season. Varsity will be playing a mixture of NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA, NCAA D3, and Juco teams.

The junior varsity will play all prep school programs. We have a football roster of 160 players combined. We are still a young team but with a successful 2021 spring football campaign behind us, we are excited to see everything come together this fall. We have a few standout players returning and have a solid recruiting class to challenge them. This will be an exciting fall camp and fall 2021 season. On paper, look for an improved offense and defense.The schedule for the 2021 season can be observed below:

NAU football schedule