Parking Transfomation

Parking Policy

Parking permits are required of all faculty, staff, students, and visitors who desire to park on campus. All permits are good for one semester only. All faculty, staff, and students are required to register each vehicle that will be driven on campus. Registration requires a valid driver’s license. Any persons in control of a motor vehicle, who wishes to park on campus, are subject to the provisions outlined herein.
Student Parking Permit: $10 per semester
Faculty/ Staff/ Adjunct Parking Permit: Free

Campus Parking Rules and Regulations

All vehicles parked on campus must be in operable condition, currently registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety or other valid state issuing agency, and display proof of current registration. Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only. Double parking and parking along campus roadways, interior paths, or on campus landscaping is prohibited. Vehicles must be parked front facing into spaces and within the designated lines when such spaces are located in a directional lane or aisle indicated for one way traffic. Sleeping overnight in vehicles on campus is prohibited. Facility Department must be informed if for any reason a vehicle is to be left on campus overnight.

Vehicle repairs and/or maintenance are prohibited on campus, except under emergency conditions with the approval from the Facility Department. Abandoned vehicles, vehicles with multiple outstanding citations, or those that pose a serious hazardous condition will be towed away at the owner’s expense. All accidents, thefts and other incidences should be reported to the Facility Department immediately.

Faculty Staff Parking

Faculty, staff, and students who require special handicapped parking accommodations must be validated by Human Resources and obtain valid vehicle licensing from the state of Texas in one of the following forms:

  • A valid license plate on the registered vehicle that depicts the international mobility limitation, or
  • A valid state hanging tag that depicts the international mobility limitation.

Visitors and Official University Guests in need of handicapped parking accommodations must provide valid proof of necessity to the Housing Department when requesting a guest permit.

Parking Enforcement

All parking issues should be reported to the Facility Dept.. Facility Dept. will enforce all University parking regulations. Facility Dept. may notify and cooperate with local authorities if needed.

Parking Privileges

Those who fail to comply with the North American University parking policy risk losing the ability to have a vehicle on campus. North American University reserves the right to refuse issuance of a parking permit, revoke or recall a permit, determine hours of control, change any or all parking regulations as necessary, change any or all parking assignments as necessary, and/or close, reserve or restrict parking areas and/or spaces as deemed necessary.