NAU Celebrates First Cinco de Mayo

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NAU celebrating cinco de mayo

This year, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with our students and faculty at North American University for the first time. We are immensely proud to be part of this significant celebration.

Battle of Puebla, (May 5, 1862), a battle fought at Puebla, Mexico, between the army of the liberal government headed by Benito Juárez and the French forces sent by Napoleon III to establish a French satellite state in Mexico. Additionally, the battle, which ended in a Mexican victory, is celebrated in the national calendar of Mexican holidays as Cinco de Mayo (5th of May). This day holds great significance and should be appreciated by everyone, not just the Latino community.

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Este es el Primer Ano que celebramos el Cinco de Mayo con los estudiantes y trabajadores de la Universidad de North American. Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ser parte de esta grande celebracion.

Cinco de Mayo actualmente se conmemora la Victoria de la Guardia Mejicana ganando la Guerra de Francia con Puebla. Durante la guerra de Franco in 1862. Para Nosotros, Cinco de Mayo es muy valioso y debe de apreciarse no solamente por los latinos sino por todos.

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