Student Services

Student Services

Student Service professionals support students’ academic, social, and personal needs so they can enjoy a productive daily life at the college. Areas of support include student orientation, the use of library resources, computer and information services, career and counseling services, services for individuals with disabilities, the testing center, and student organizations.

The Registrar’s Office, in participation with the Office of Student Services organizes orientation sessions for all incoming students. This orientation program enables students to better understand NAU academic programs, registration, resources, student services, career and counseling services, financial aid, and other aspects of the college experience.
The mission of North American University Library is to assist students in their search for attaining knowledge by providing information resources and services that encourage learning, support education, and promote intellectual growth. The library resources include cataloged books, hard copy journals and magazines, electronically accessible books and periodicals, and audio-visual reference material.
The Computer and Information Services designs and maintains the college-wide information system infrastructure, provides services and access to computational resources for all students. North American University provides high-performance workstations for the students in the library and computer labs.
The Student Services Office helps students pursue their academic and personal goals during and after college. The objectives of the Career and Counseling Services are to support students in reaching their career related goals, to help students with professional and personal development, to reach its objectives, the Office designs career plans for students, helps students develop resumes, portfolios, etc, conducts mock interviews, helps students find practicum, internship, co-ops and volunteer jobs , provides training for professional and personal development (workshops, seminars, etc.)
North American University is committed to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations can be arranged enabling students with qualified disabilities to participate in and benefit from all educational programs and activities here at North American University.
Disability Accommodation Request Form
North American University Test Center provides comprehensive testing services for North American University students, faculty, and community. The Testing Center staff is committed to providing a professional environment and a high quality of support services.
Office of Students Services offers leadership, recreational, social, and cultural opportunities that enhance the student’s educational experience. A student organization is an organization formed and governed by students enrolled at the North American University and is registered with the Student Services at NAU. There are many student organizations on campus. NAU believes these organizations are crucial to student engagement and retention.
North American University encourages exercise-centered college experience that fosters lifelong healthy habits and beneficial use of leisure time. The College promotes activities that improve physical, social, and emotional health of the students within a safe and respectful environment.

All currently enrolled students at the North American University are eligible for comprehensive counseling services most of which are free. Students should contact the Student Services Office to obtain more detailed information about services, and to schedule individual appointments. In case of imminent danger, call 911.

Find the Consent for Counseling Services form here