“I am thankful to the North American University and the Computer Science Department for the quality of education, guidance, and extra-curricular opportunities involving competing in a number of national competitions where I was able to prove my theoretical knowledge and use the skills gained at NAU.”

        Komron Giesiev | Spring 2015 Graduate, Summa Cum Laude, Computer Science.


Ph.D. program in Computer Science,
University of Houston
Research Assistant at High Performance Computing Research Lab, Univ. of Houston.

Admitted By

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Texas Tech University
Clemson University
University of Nevada
Rochester Institute of Technology
Jacobs University
University of Houston

“I am specifically thankful to my instructor, advisors, and mentors who were dedicated and spent countless hours with me and my classmates to ensure excellence in learning. After being admitted to a number of prestigious graduate degree programs across the United States, I decided to continue my graduate study by accepting admission into a Ph.D. program at University of Houston where I will serve as a research assistant in nationally well-known High Performance Computing Research Lab in the Computer Science Department. This opportunity will help further my dreams to contribute to the Computer Science field and the humanity.”