We are excited to announce that OnlineMasters.com has selected North American University as one of the Best Master’s in Computer Science Programs for 2019. North American University’s Online Master of Science in computer science program ranks amongst top programs in the United States by OnlineMasters.com.

After extensive research by OnlineMasters.com found our Masters of Science in computer science program to also be Best for Careers in Wireless Technology.
“One of the major tenants of the University, is to provide affordable access to higher education to all.”

According to OnlineMasters.com, “Computer scientists create the technology we use for work and transactions on a daily basis. From software to applications and information architecture, computer scientists produce innovations that shape the modern world. That said, developing these solutions is easier said than done—computer science is a flexible field with multiple specializations. To that end, many professionals pursue a master’s degree to receive the advanced training they need to solve complex and specific problems.”

In addition to being affordable, NAU’s Master of Science in Computer Science program offers flexible hours, as most of the courses area available online. The 30-credit program is designed to empower students with extensive knowledge and practical experience to analyze, design, manage and implement cutting-edge technologies. Click on the image below to view more information.

OnlineMasters.com features NAU