Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Handbook

Listed below are a few examples of the most frequently asked questions about the Employee Handbook. Click on the question to see the answer.

General Questions

You can contact HR Office (Room 204) regarding your further questions about Handbook.

No, all the information in the Handbook is related to ALL the employees at North American University including Intensive English Program.

Exempt employees are paid monthly. Non-exempt employees are paid biweekly.

No. Since these regulations are set by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the pay plans cannot be changed.


Employees should submit resignations to the University in writing. Administrators should provide one month notice and all others ten workdays.

Employees should submit resignations to the University in writing. Administrators should provide one month notice and all others ten workdays.

Earned Time Off

NAU employees who are eligible for benefits, an amount of earned time off (also known as ETO) during which an employee may be absent for any reason, including vacation, personal business, illness, or religious holidays. The university encourages employees regularly to use their ETO in order to increase productivity, job satisfaction and work-life balance.

To request Earned Time Off:
Fill out the Form 6200-107

How much time does a full time eligible employee earn?
0 to 5 years of service = 160 hours; 20 days; you earn 1.66 days per month or13.33 hours per month
6 to 9 years of service = 200 hours; 25 days; you earn 2 days per month or 16 hours per month
10+ years of service = 232 hours; 29 days; 2.41 days per month or 19.32 hours per month

A work week is generally considered to be five (5) days. For calculation purposes at NAU, the typical work week is Monday through Friday.


Medical insurance and optional vision insurance is offered. NAU do not offer dental insurance.

All regular full time employees. North American University pays 80% of the medical insurance premiums for eligible employees. NAU doesn’t pay premiums for dependents. You can contact HR Office for insurance rates.

No. There is a 90-day waiting period for new employees. Your insurance will be effective on the first day of the month following your first 90 days of employment.
No. Employees who requested insurance for their dependents will only receive two cards.

No. Employees only receive insurance card(s) from BCBS and their RxBIN numbers (re: prescriptions) and copayment amounts are listed on this card along with the insurance information.

No. The coverage date on the card is the time your insurance will be effective and it should match with the date you discussed with HR.

No but there are some exceptions to this rule. Special enrollment is available when you, your spouse or your dependents lose other coverage, when you marry or when you have a new child by birth, adoption or placement for adoption. If you do not meet any of these conditions, you need to wait until the next open enrollment on April 1st.

Yes, you will be eligible for insurance but the 90-day waiting period will apply to you. Your insurance will be effective on the 1st day of the month following the first 90 days of your full-time employment.

Reimbursement Forms

16) For what purposes do we use the general reimbursement form?
If the university’s vehicle is not available, you may use your car. Then, mileage form is used when an employee travels on official school business in and around the Houston area. Employees are reimbursed $0.35 per mile. They may also be reimbursed for tolls and parking if their receipts are attached to the form.
The business office appreciates if an employee waits until they’ve accumulated no less than $20.00 in reimbursement or waits at least 2 weeks from the initial travel date to turn in their reimbursement form.
Travel Expense Reimbursement form is for travel outside of the Houston area. If an employee is scheduled to travel on official school business outside of the Houston area, s/he should fill out a ‘Travel Request Form’ prior to travel to insure that s/he will be reimbursed for all items and must keep copies of receipts.

You will fill out the form. The related administrative assistant (Room 207) may do it, if you so desire.

After you and your supervisor sign the form, it should be turned into the related administrative assistant (Room 207).