Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Handbook

Reimbursement Forms

1) For what purposes do we use the general reimbursement form?

If the university’s vehicle is not available, you may use your car. Then, mileage form is used when an employee travels on official school business in and around the Houston area. Employees are reimbursed $0.35 per mile. They may also be reimbursed for tolls and parking if their receipts are attached to the form.

The business office appreciates if an employee waits until they’ve accumulated no less than $20.00 in reimbursement or waits at least 2 weeks from the initial travel date to turn in their reimbursement form.

Travel Expense Reimbursement form is for travel outside of the Houston area. If an employee is scheduled to travel on official school business outside of the Houston area, s/he should fill out a ‘Travel Request Form’ prior to travel to insure that s/he will be reimbursed for all items and must keep copies of receipts.

You will fill out the form. The related administrative assistant (Room 207) may do it, if you so desire.

After you and your supervisor sign the form, it should be turned into the related administrative assistant (Room 207).