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This checklist is a way to help ensure that each new semester begins smoothly for all faculty and students using J1 eLearning.

Beginning of Semester Checklist

  • Request your J1 eLearning Course
  • Review the J1 eLearning training videos
  • Watch the tutorial videos
  • Login and verify that all your requested courses are listed in the My Course block
  • Edit your J1 eLearning Profile, update your information
  • Import any previous course content into the new course
  • Set an enrollment key for your course
  • Provide your enrollment key to your students
  • Update and post your syllabus, course info, and other course materials on your course page
  • Set your Gradebook categories and items
  • Switch role to student to see how would your students see
  • Login to your course using a dummy student account. Check that the gradebook is consistent and accurate.
  • In the first month of the semester, check the enrolled users. It must match with your course roster. Remove any unwanted students from your course if necessary
  • Backup your course weekly, or monthly

End of Semester Checklist

  • Export the grades to an Excel spreadsheet, and calculate final grades manually to check the accuracy of your gradebook aggregation settings
  • Download assignment files
  • Backup your course
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