Library Policies and Procedures

North American University (NAU) welcomes faculty, staff, and students to check out books and use resources made available through the NAU Library system. The Library staff and volunteers are responsible for operating within the policies and procedures established by the University.

The NAU Library reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any or all of these policies, with or without prior notice.

The purpose of the Circulation Policy is to ensure that the NAU Library circulation is applied consistently, fairly and accurately. The policy provides guidelines to all library staff members, volunteers, and faculty members in implementing the circulation of the library materials.

Students/Employees of North American University must present a valid NAU identification card or a photo ID and must have a valid library account in order to check out library materials. A valid library account is one that belongs to an active NAU student or employee, has no more than the maximum allowed in accrued fines or fees or has no holds for any other reason.

All library materials, except Reference Material and items in Reserves, may be checked out for two weeks (14 days) and may be renewed up to three times for another two weeks, if the item is not requested by another patron. Each patron can check out no more than ten items from the library at a time.

The NAU Library maintains a Reference Section in its open stacks at the end of the circulating collection. These print materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, etc., and are intended for in-library use only, and therefore do not circulate. Library staff can direct patrons to online resources if they need reference materials for use outside the library.

Items in Reserves can be borrowed, one at a time, to use in the Library on first come first serve basis. Patrons requesting use of reserved materials must present their NAU student/employee ID. The library staff will hold the ID while the patron uses the book/material within the library. The ID will be returned when the patron returns the item to the Reference DeskThe loan period for items in Reserves is 2 (two) hours per item, per patron. The loan period can be extended for an additional 2 (two) hours unless others have requested for the same item.

It is the responsibility of the borrower of the library material for the use and return of all library materials borrowed under the account.

North American University Library reserves the right to limit borrowing privileges or deny to anyone who repeatedly infringes the library’s circulation policy and procedures and fails to take appropriate measures for damaged or lost library materials.

Faculty, staff, or students who wish to check-out, check-in and/or renew the library material must contact the Library Reference Desk.

More information: LIB. 2600.2 Circulation Policy

Late fees and damaged or lost library materials are the responsibility of the borrower. Library staff informs patrons about the material due date at the time of check-out/renewal. However, it is the patrons’ responsibility to check their library account status by contacting the library either by email, phone call or in person. If item(s) are not returned within the designated borrowing period, applicable fees will be assessed to the cardholder’s account and the patron’s borrowing privileges are suspended.

NAU Library does not accept replacement items in exchange of payment for lost items. Unless damaged or lost materials are accounted for and the library record is clear, the student’s borrowing privileges are suspended. Further, a hold may be placed on the student’s account, which can affect the ability to register for classes and/or get transcripts. Students do not pay overdue fees if they are charged for paying a lost item; however, library fees can be charged if the lost item is found or returned by the patron before the lost fee is paid. The maximum overdue fine is listed below in the fee schedule.

At the end of each semester and summer session, all those account with outstanding library material or late fees will be held. If the patron does not return the item within the school semester/session, item will be counted as lost unless returned; the lost penalty fee will be dropped upon returning the material, but not late fees.


Overdue fee Value $0.10 per day per item Value
Accrued fee checkout limit $5.00
Maximum overdue fee per item $30.00
Material from Reference and Reserves (e.g.textbook) $5 per item for the first day and then an additional
$5 per item each day for a maximum of 3 days.
After the third day, the replacement cost of the material,
hold on the patron’s account,
and immediate suspension from borrowing items from Reserves for 6 weeks
Damaged or Lost item Cost of item & processing fee (cost of item + $5.00)
Insufficient funds/return check fee $30.00
Talking books replacement disc $7.00 per disc
Damaged/lost item barcode $1.00
Case for video, DVD, CD or CD-ROM $2.00
Case for a Talking Book $5.00
Jacket cover (video, DVD, Talking books) $3.00 (includes barcode)
Back jacket cover from CD or CD-ROM $1.00 (includes barcode)

More information: LIB. 2600.3 Late Return Policy

In order to provide user-centric services, NAU Library provides a facility to put library items on hold. Patrons may request items that are currently checked out from the library and such items will be held for them after they get checked-in by the borrower.

Patrons may request a specific item(s) to be placed on hold to be picked-up at the library. A person must use his/her student/employee ID card or a photo ID to place holds and retrieve held items.

Library materials that are on hold may be retrieved and checked out only by the patron who placed the hold or a person with written approval (electronic formats not accepted, i.e., cell phone images) from the patron with the holds.

Patrons can place hold on maximum five (5) items from the Library collection at a time. Items can be on hold for one week (7 days, not including weekends and holidays). If the patron does not retrieve the holds by them, the items will be placed back on the library shelf for circulation.

More information: LIB. 2600.4 Holds for Library Material Policy

North American University (NAU) Library offers access to the Internet for educational and personal benefit. Use of the Internet in the library provides both expanded access to global resources and an opportunity to become familiar with state-of-the-art information technology. Though the Internet offers a wealth of information that is educational and inspirational to individuals of all ages, it is an unregulated medium that changes rapidly and unpredictably. Information from the Internet may not always be accurate, complete, or current. The purpose of this policy is to make the Library’s responsibility clear to the patrons regarding the use of computers and the internet in the Library.

Students and other library users must accept responsibility for determining the validity and suitability of content using the computers and the internet in the Library. The library staff is prepared to offer assistance in locating resources on and/or about the Internet, and training will be provided on request. However, websites that present material of a questionable or unethical nature exist and the Library and Library staff are not responsible for material displayed on the Web. Illegal use of the Internet, including—but not limited to—viewing child pornography or obscenity and infringement of copyright laws, is prohibited and can be grounds for loss of student and library privileges and/or criminal prosecution.

In accordance with the Library Code of Conduct, computer users are expected to use library workstations responsibly and respectfully as not to disturb other patrons. The Library staff reserves the right to ask patrons engaging in non-academic/recreational activities requiring a computer such as gaming, watching movies, and sporting events that encourage congregation of groups and elevated noise levels to move to a campus computer lab where those activities are more readily accommodated.

More information: LIB. 2600.6 Computer and Internet Use Policy

NAU Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

NAU Library Services offer a facility of five study rooms (four can hold 1-2 students each, one holds up to 8 students) that can accommodate up to 16 patrons. Patrons can use these rooms for studying in a distraction-free environment or conduct meetings and collaborate with other patrons for learning purpose. The purpose of this policy is to provide clear understanding for an efficient usage of study rooms in the Library.

  • Any available study rooms will be checked out on a first come, first served basis during Library working hours.
  • Study rooms are intended to provide temporary day-to-day private study space for individual/group work and study for classroom or research-related activities. These rooms may not be used for formal research labs, formal instruction or office hours.
  • Rooms will be assigned by library staff depending on group size and availability:
  • The study room checkout period is limited to two hours. If another group or user is not waiting to use the room at the end of the two hours, the original person or group may re-checkout the room for another two hours. Any person or group who leaves a room unoccupied past the due time will lose the use of the room if other users are waiting for a study room.
  • Rooms are not checked-out when only half an hour is left before closing.
  • Checkout time starts when patron/s sign in at the Service Desk.  If patrons leave during their 2-hour checkout period, their time limit is still active. Items left in rooms over 2 hours with no renewal may be cleared by the library staff and held at the Service Desk.
  • Patrons must sign out at the Service Desk and inform the Library Staff when they are done using the study rooms.
  • Doors should be locked if a person or group leaves the room. Library staff in Circulation will treat any personal papers and belongings left behind in a study room as Lost and Found items.
  • Unattended personal property may not be used to “hold” a room by any individual or group.
  • The user(s) is responsible for the condition of the room. Immediately upon entering a room, the user(s) must inspect the room and report any previous damage, graffiti, etc. to the staff at the Service Desk.
  • Patrons are responsible for their belongings. NAU Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left in study rooms.
  • Food is prohibited in the study rooms. Drinks in a reusable container (NOT fast food cups) with a secured lid are permissible.
  • Windows on study room must remain uncovered.
  • Furniture is not to be moved in or out of a study room except by authorized staff.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof. Hence, users need to be considerate of other library users and maintain reasonable noise levels. To prevent noise from leaving the room, the door should be closed when the room is occupied.  Headphones are to be used with all electronic devices.
  • To check out a study room, patrons need to contact the Service Desk with their NAU student/employee ID or a photo ID and sign in.
  • Patrons using study room facility must follow the Library Code of Conduct and other Library Policies. Library staff has the right to refuse the use of a study room, if Library Code of Conduct or other Library Policies are violated.
  • Occupants of study rooms (or any area in the NAU Library) may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior or for failure to follow these guidelines for use. Failure to follow the room policies may result in loss of study room privileges.

More information: LIB. 2600.8 Study Room Usage Policy

The Librarian, in consultation with departmental Chairs and Coordinators, has the primary responsibility of developing the library collection. The Library welcomes and will consider those requests for purchase of library materials from students, faculty, staff and administrators that fall into the scope of the selection criteria and other necessary factors. If requested materials meet the criteria established in this collection development policy and funds are available, the materials will be procured. The Librarian and the Provost of NAU have the final decision over purchases.

In selecting materials for the collection, the Librarian takes following criteria into consideration:

  • Relevance to the curriculum in at least one but preferably several courses
  • Timeliness
  • Value
  • Indicators of quality content, including positive reviews, authority of the author or creator, accuracy, etc.
  • Reading level appropriate for university students and faculty
  • Appropriate size, physical format and durability for library use
  • Ease of access or user-friendliness
  • Depth of current holdings in the same or similar subject
  • Demand and frequency of purchase requests
  • Cost of material relative to the budget and other available material
  • Availability in different formats (physical or online)

The library is not responsible for purchasing materials such as textbooks, software and other supplemental items that are required for individual coursework. Items that support specific classes may be purchased if the materials will benefit the greater portion of the student population, but the items must still conform to the selection criteria listed above. Materials purchased by the library will be housed in the library.

Reserve Collection supports the instructional program by providing library resources, which are directly related to course offerings. Reserve materials are provided by the individual instructor to support classroom instruction for a particular class. It is the responsibility of the faculty/instructor to obtain any necessary copyright clearance before placing materials on Reserve. The library does not select nor purchase materials for this collection.

All faculty members and instructors are invited to place items on course reserve. Materials can be books (personal copies or titles the library already owns), handouts, articles, audiovisual materials, etc. Faculty should contact the Librarian directly to make arrangements regarding the following:

  • What materials will be placed on reserve
  • How long materials should be held
  • Any special instructions
  • Materials should be clearly marked with the instructor’s name

Most reserve items are expected to stay in the library under the usage and circulation guidelines (Circulation Policy, LIB. 2600.2). However, exceptions can be made for certain types of material.


The library does accept gifts directly. All gifts are accepted by the Librarian. Guidelines on what books the Library will or will not accept:


    • Books in good, working condition
    • Books without loose or missing pages and writing or highlighting in them

NOT Acceptable:

    • Instructor’s editions and manuals
    • Student solution manuals
    • Test item files, Study guides
    • Textbooks that are more than 5 years and/or more than 2 editions behind
    • Books with yellowed, brittle or damaged pages/bindings
    • Books that are dirty, dusty, or stained

The Library may dispose of the material as it sees fit and is not obliged to add material to the Library’s collection.

More information: LIB. 2600.7 Collection Development Policy

The NAU Library promotes research and welcomes interested patrons to review archives of well-known journals, newspapers, and magazine publications in print form. The NAU Library keeps no more than the past two years of all the print periodicals it currently subscribes to.

Faculty, staff, or students who wish to access Library archives must submit a request ahead of time by filling out an Archives Request Form to enable library staff to accommodate individual requests.

Archives Request Form

More information: LIB. 2600.1 Archives Usage Policy 

Library patrons are responsible for their own property and are expected to properly monitor their belongings while in the Library. The Library is not responsible for any personal items or belongings that Library patrons lose or leave behind. However, if such items are found in the library, they will be held at the Library for 4 (four) weeks and then will be disposed of. The exceptions are food and drink items and any other unsanitary items, which will be disposed of shortly before closing.

Items that are turned in to the Service Desk, or items that are left in the library and found at the time of closing (e.g., in study rooms, on table surfaces, etc.) will be held behind the counter at the Reference Desk in a special drawer. Items will be tagged with the date, time and location found with a note. If the patron’s name is clearly marked, every attempt will be made to contact owners via NAU email.

For certain items of value, such as wallets/purses, electronics (including cellphones, laptops, and tablets), jewelry, etc., the library staff reserves the right to ask persons claiming such items for a photo ID to verify identify.

More information: LIB. 2600.5 Lost and Found Policy 

Disability Access:

Usage of Printer, Copier and Scanner:

Usage of Cell Phone and Audio device

Patrons and visitors are not permitted to have phone conversations, listen to sound recordings, music, or audio devices without a personal headset in an effort to provide noise reduction in the library. People using either library or personal computers must use an audio headset or ear buds to reduce distraction to other patrons. Each patron is responsible for his or her own headset. The library does not provide spare audio headsets for loan to patrons or visitors.

Cell phone conversations are permissible if they are kept short and at a low voice/volume to avoid disturbing quiet study of other patrons. Patrons with noisy or extended conversations will be asked to take their calls out in the lobby. Likewise, speaker phone use is not permitted in the Library and patrons using speaker phone will be asked to use a headset or to take their calls out in the lobby.

Damaged Items

If library staff determines any library items to be unfit, excessively worn, or in any way damaged, it will not be available for check out. The Librarian and/or library staff will make every attempt to inspect each library item for any damage before it is checked out, but ultimately, the patron is responsible for inspecting materials for damage or missing pages/parts before checkout. All items returned to the library are checked for all pieces and damage before the item(s) is cleared from the patron’s library account. The library staff will contact the patron if the item(s) is found damaged or if there are missing pieces. The patron is responsible for all fees for damaged, missing, or lost items that are checked out on his/her NAU ID card.

Faculty and Staff Privileges

NAU faculty and staff members in good standing and current employment with the institution may use library materials and services just as NAU students do. North American University faculty and staff members must present either a valid NAU identification card or a photo ID and must have a valid library account in order to check out library materials. Faculty members may request extended checkout periods if materials are to be used for classroom use/lesson preparation or academic research. The NAU Library will still reserve the right to recall materials if there are requests for said materials by students.

Community Members

NAU is a private, closed campus. Therefore, materials and services (including study rooms) are available only for current NAU students, faculty and staff. Exceptions may be made with the express permission of the NAU administration.

Updating Patron Information

All patrons that update or change their contact information – such as change of address, name, or telephone number – should report changes to the Library’s Reference Desk so the library patron database can be updated.