Library Policies and Procedures

The NAU Library reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any or all of these policies, with or without prior notice.

The policy statements for the North American University Library are established by the Librarian and Faculty of North American University (NAU) in order to ensure that the NAU circulation is applied consistently, fairly and accurately. The policy provides guidance to all library staff members, volunteers, and faculty members in implementing the circulation of library materials. Decisive responsibility for library policies lies with the Librarian, who is responsible for operating within the policies and procedures established by the school. 

In order to provide for the efficient and reasonable circulation of materials, the library sets the following policy regarding confidentiality of library records, borrower eligibility, privileges and responsibilities, limits on the number of items that can be borrowed, renewals, items on hold, interlibrary loan, overdue-materials charges, and damaged and lost charges. 


Upon receiving a Student ID card, the student accepts full responsibility for the use and return of all library materials borrowed under the account. As a borrower, the individual whose name is listed in the record will be charged fees by North American University Library for any items that are damaged during their use by the cardholder, returned with missing pieces, or lost. If the student has lost his or her Student ID card, contact the NAU Registrar office immediately. Materials checked out on a lost or stolen library card are the responsibility of the cardholder until proper notice is received that the card is lost. 

North American University Library reserves the right to limit borrowing privileges or deny to anyone who repeatedly infringes the library’s circulation policy and procedures and fails to take appropriate measures for damaged or lost library materials. 

Students of North American University must present a valid NAU student identification card or a photo ID and must have a valid library account in order to check out library materials. A valid library account is one that belongs to an active NAU student or employee, has no more than the maximum allowed in accrued fines or fees (see attached fee schedule) or has no holds for any other reason. All library materials may be checked out for two weeks (14 days) and may be renewed up to three times for another two weeks, if the item is not requested by another patron. All library materials can only be checked out during school fall and spring semesters and summer sessions. Each patron can check out no more than ten items from the library. 

The mission of North American University (NAU) is to provide a nurturing environment for the systematic pursuit of academic, professional and personal development and learning. The college aims to achieve these goals through instruction, scholarly inquiry, the free discussion and dissemination of ideas, and creativity. To ensure this mission, NAU Library offers access to the Internet for educational and personal benefit. Use of the Internet in the library provides both expanded access to global resources and an opportunity to become familiar with state-of-the-art information technology. 

The Internet offers a wealth of information that is educational and inspirational to individuals of all ages. Yet the Internet is an unregulated medium that changes rapidly and unpredictably. Information from the Internet may not always be accurate, complete, or current. Students and other library users must accept responsibility for determining the validity and suitability of content. 

Websites that present material of a questionable or unethical nature exist; therefore staff and faculty of NAU are not responsible for material displayed on the Web. Illegal use of the Internet, including—but not limited to—viewing child pornography or obscenity and infringement of copyright laws, is prohibited and can be grounds for loss of student and library privileges and/or criminal prosecution. 

The goal of the NAU is to help provide our students with the best use of electronic information. All internet usage is carefully monitored by appropriate firewalls and patron usage software. The library staff is prepared to offer assistance in locating resources on and/or about the Internet, and training will be provided on a scheduled basis. 

North American University Library provides access to the Internet on its on-site computers through Internet Explorer. All updates to the browser are based on current use, network capability, security, and stability of the browser. NAU heightens Internet access through the 

careful installation of plug-in software for distinctive Internet applications. Selection of plug-in software must meet the criteria of common use, security, network capability, library database application and technical management. Therefore, not all plug-in software will be available. Some Internet services, such as email, chat rooms, etc., will have limited or no functionality. NAU has no control over network access speed during times of peak Internet usage. 

Note that in accordance with the Library Code of Conduct, computer users are expected to use library workstations responsibly and respectfully as not to disturb other patrons. The library staff reserves the right to ask patrons engaging in non-academic/recreational activities requiring a computer such as gaming, watching movies, and sporting events that encourage congregation of groups and elevated noise levels to move to a campus computer lab where those activities are more readily accommodated. Please see the NAU Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources Policy for more details: IT Policy 

Wireless internet access is available in all areas of the library space for cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices. Please see the Information Technology policy for further details regarding responsible usage: IT Policy 

North American University complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, pertaining to the provision of reasonable academic adjustments/auxiliary aids for students with a disability. In accordance with Section 504 and ADA guidelines, NAU provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to eligible students upon their request. Persons with disabilities who desire accommodations are encouraged to contact the Student Services Office. This process begins with the student completing and submitting the Disability Accommodation Request form, which can be found on the University website at: Disability Accommodation Form. The student/parents then provide official supporting documentation from a physician. 

Once these items are submitted, the Student Services Office follows up with the student’s instructors to update them about the student’s pending accommodations. All information pertaining to the student is maintained with the Student Services Office.The NAU Library strives to provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with NAU policy and ADA guidelines. To that end, the NAU Library will coordinate with the Student Services Office to seek accommodations for students with a disability in terms of library materials. 

North American University Library abides by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. Protecting the rights of all library users to view and read materials without fear of intrusion, intimidation or reprisal is of the upmost importance. To defend the privacy of individuals in their use of the library, the North American University maintains the confidentiality of all library records which includes student registration records and circulation records. These records are deemed confidential and are protected by federal privacy laws. 

Registration records are defined as any information the library requires users provide in order to become authorized to access and/or borrow materials. Such information includes social security numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers. 

Circulation records include all information that identifies a student, faculty or staff member, or special borrower as borrowing or accessing exacting materials or information. Web browsing histories and reserve materials are typically included in these records. 

The acceptance of this rule is when the request is in accordance with proper judicial order and with permission of the designated administrative officer(s) of the University. No employee or NAU representative shall reveal any information contained in the types records listed above. All such records of information will be denied to faculty, staff (including library staff except in the pursuit of their assigned duties), fellow students, parents, police, FBI agents, campus security, and military personnel. 

Library staff is to refer all requests for the above information to the Librarian or the administrative offices. 

NAU Library currently subscribes to several databases that are available 24/7, on- or off-campus through any internet-capable device with internet access. Databases may be accessed via the EBSCO app available in the patron’s Office 365 account. Instructions and tutorials for accessing research databases are available electronically on the library’s website and at the library via handouts. 

The NAU Library maintains a Reference Section in its open stacks at the end of the circulating collection. These print materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, etc., that are intended for in-library uses only and therefore do not circulate. Library staff can direct patrons to online resources if they need reference materials for use outside the library. 

The North American University Library has a printer and copy machine unit available to all of its students and guest patrons. 

Each semester NAU places $15 into student accounts for printing purposes. The price of printed pages is deducted from that amount. Pages that are printed in black and white are priced at 10₵ each and color pages are 25₵ each. If a student wants more money placed on his/her account, a request must be made at the Bursar’s office. 

Copies can be made at the copy machine in the library and are separate from the $15 printing fund. If students wish to use the copy machine, they pay out of pocket by cash. Copies are 10₵ per black and white page and color pages are 25₵. Please note that the library does not keep cash on the premises and will not be able to make change. 

Students, staff, and faculty may scan on the scanning machine in the library. There are no fees for scanning usage. No scanned items can be sent directly to their email addresses from the machine. Once the document has been properly scanned, then the Librarian or library staff will send the document to the requestor’s North American University email account or will save the document to the patron’s personal flash drive. Please note that the library does not keep flash drives on hand for patron use. 


General Study Room Policy: 

  • Any available study rooms will be checked out on a first come, first served basis at any time. To check out a room, come to the Service Desk with your NAU student ID or a photo ID and sign in. Rooms will be assigned by library staff depending on group size and availability:1-2 Person Rooms: Study rooms #1-4 can be occupied by 1-2 users.Group study Room (at least 3 but no more than 8 people): Study room #5 requires at least THREE or more group members to be physically present at the Service Desk at the time of check out. If there is no previous reservation for the room, smaller groups (no less than 2 people) may use the room, but if a larger group requests the space, the room must be relinquished by the smaller group. 
  • Room keys are NOT issued to users! Library staff will unlock study room doors. Be aware that if you leave the room at any time you are responsible for your belongings! 
  • The study room checkout period is limited to two hours. If another group or user is not waiting to use the room at the end of the two hours, the original person or group may re-checkout the room for another two hours. 
  • Rooms are not booked after 9:30pm. 
  • Checkout time starts when you sign in at the Service Desk. If you leave during your 2-hour checkout period, your time limit is still active! Items left in rooms over 2 hours with no renewal may be cleared by the library staff and held at the Service Desk. 
  • Unattended personal property may not be used to “hold” a room by any individual or group. 
  • Reservations can be made up to one day in advance by filling out the Room Reservation Request form on the library’s website. 
  • The user(s) is responsible for the condition of the room. Immediately upon entering a room, the user(s) must inspect the room and report any previous damage, graffiti, etc. to the Service Desk personnel. 
  • When you are finished with the room, please sign out at the Service Desk. 
  • A fine of $1.00 will be assessed if the room is returned after the due time and an additional $1.00 per hour after that. This fine will be added to the user’s library record. If fines reach a level of $5 or more, the user will not be allowed to check out study rooms until the fee is paid. 
  • Any person or group who leaves a room unoccupied past the due time will lose the use of the room if other users are waiting for a study room. 
  • NAU Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left in study rooms. Doors should be locked if a person or group leaves the room. Library staff in Circulation will store any personal papers and belongings left behind in a study room for up to one day and then items will be turned over to the Security Desk on the 1st floor. This includes laptops, pocketbooks, backpacks, wallets, car keys etc. 
  • Food is prohibited in the study rooms. Please refer to the Library Code of Conduct for further information. Drinks in a reusable container (NOT fast food cups) with a secured lid are permissible. 
  • Windows on study room must remain uncovered. 
  • Furniture is not to be moved in or out of a study room except by authorized staff. 
  • Library staff has the right to refuse the use of a study room, if Library Code of Conduct or other Library Policies are violated. 
  • Rooms are not soundproof. Please be considerate of other library users and maintain reasonable noise levels. To prevent noise from leaving the room, the door should be closed when the room is occupied. Headphones are to be used with all electronic devices. 
  • Occupants of study rooms (or any area in the NAU Library) may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior or for failure to follow these guidelines for use. Failure to follow the room policies may result in loss of study room privileges. 
  • Study rooms are intended to provide temporary day-to-day private study space for individual/group work and study for classroom or research-related activities. These rooms may not be used for formal research labs, formal instruction or office hours! 

NAU faculty and staff members in good standing and current employment with the institution may use library materials and services just as NAU students do. North American University faculty and staff members must present either a valid NAU identification card or a photo ID and must have a valid library account in order to check out library materials. Faculty members may request extended checkout periods if materials are to be used for classroom use/lesson preparation or academic research. The NAU Library will still reserve the right to recall materials if there are requests for said materials by students. 


NAU is a private, closed campus. Therefore, materials and services (including study rooms) are available only for current NAU students, faculty and staff. Exceptions may be made with the express permission of the NAU administration. 


Students and visitors are not permitted to have phone conversations, listen to sound recordings, music, or audio devices without a personal headset in an effort to provide noise reduction in the library. People using either library or personal computers must use an audio headset or ear buds to reduce distraction to other patrons. Each student is responsible for his or her own headset. The library does not provide spare audio headsets for loan to students or school visitors. 

Cell phone conversations are permissible if they are kept short and at a low voice/volume to avoid disturbing quiet study of other patrons. Patrons with noisy or extended conversations will be asked to take their calls out in the lobby. Likewise, speaker phone use is not permitted; patrons using speaker phone will be asked to use a headset or to take their calls out in the lobby. 


The library will notify the student of any overdue item(s) on his/her account. Charges for overdue library books accumulate at .10₵ per day per item (see the fee schedule for all other library items). The library will contact the cardholder three times by NAU email (the official form of communication on the NAU campus. If item(s) are not returned within the designated borrowing period, applicable fees will be assessed to the cardholder’s account and the account 

will be frozen and no checkouts of any kind are allowed until the matter is resolved. Failure of the student to respond to email notices for any reason does not exclude his/her responsibility for all fines and fees accrued to his/her account. If the patron does not return the item within the school semester/session, item will be counted as lost unless returned; the lost penalty fee will be dropped but not late fees. 

Each student is liable for fees and fines on his/her student account. Late fees and damaged or lost library materials are the responsibility of the student. North American University Library does not accept replacement items in exchange of payment for lost items. Unless damaged or lost materials are accounted for and the library record is clear, the student’s borrowing privileges are suspended. Further, the Bursar’s office will be contacted and a hold may be placed on the student’s account, which can affect the ability to register for classes and/or get transcripts. Students do not pay overdue fees if they are charged for paying a lost item; however, library fees can be charged if the lost item is found or returned by the patron before the lost fee is paid. The maximum overdue fine is listed below in the attached fee schedule. 

If library staff determines items to be unfit, excessively worn, or in any way damaged, it will not be available for check out. The Librarian and/or library staff will make every attempt to inspect each library item for any damage before it is checked out, but ultimately, the patron is responsible for inspecting materials for damage or missing items before checkout. All items returned to the library are checked for all pieces and damage before the item(s) is cleared from the patron’s library account. The library staff will contact the students if the item(s) is damaged or if there are missing pieces. The student is responsible for all fees for damaged, missing, or lost items that are checked out on his/her student ID card. 

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Damaged or lost library materials are the responsibility of the last patron who checked them out. This patron is responsible for the full cost of the item and for any processing fees (see attached fee schedule). Students may obtain refunds on a payment made for a lost item if the item is returned in good condition to the library within six months from date of payment; the patron will receive a refund for the cost of the item but not for the processing fee. Refunds are paid through the Bursar’s office in the form of a credit on the student account. If the item is returned to the library system after the six-month period, or the patron does not come in to claim their refund within the six-month period, then the amount on the account becomes a credit that can be used for any current or future fines/fees on their Student ID account. 

Fees are paid through the Bursar’s office. The Bursar’s office will generate a receipt which the student must bring to the library staff. A copy of the receipt is kept on file at the library to ensure that payment was made in case of future inquiries. It is recommended that students paying fines to the library bring a Student ID card or a photo ID with their receipt to ensure the correct account is credited. 


Generally speaking, most university and college libraries do not purchase textbooks and the NAU library is no exception. It is the responsibility of students to make arrangements for their required course materials. North American University and Intensive English Program textbooks are available for purchase at the bookstore in the Bursar’s Office. All purchases made at the bookstore can be fully refunded within two weeks (14 days) of purchase. Customers must have receipt with them to receive their refunds. 


  •  A selection of textbooks and supplemental materials for current courses is kept on reserve at the Service desk. Reserve items may NOT leave the library space. 
  • Reserve materials are first come, first serve. Materials may be reserved in person, by email or by phone for a specific time up to 24 hours in advance, but advance reservations must be claimed no later than 15 minutes past the reservation time; after 15 minutes the reservation is forfeited if others are waiting for the materials. 
  • Student requesting use of reserve materials must present their student ID or a photo ID (for example, a passport). The librarian or library staff will hold the ID while the student uses the book within the library. The ID will be returned when student returns the textbook to the Service Desk. 
  • The loan period for reserve materials is 2 hours per item, per student. The loan period can be extended for an additional 2 hours unless others have requested the materials. 
  • If reserve materials are taken out of the library, the student will be fined $5 per item for the first day and then an additional $5 per item each day for a maximum of 3 days. 
  • If reserve materials are not returned after the third day, the student is fined the replacement cost of the materials, a hold is placed on their student account, and the student will be immediately suspended from borrowing reserve materials for 6 weeks. 
  • A waitlist for reserve materials is maintained during busy periods (midterms, finals, and other times as needed). Waitlisted materials will be checked out in the order they were logged. 
  • Note: in many cases the library may not have a copy of a particular textbook on reserve. The library DOES NOT automatically maintain a copy of each textbook used on campus, nor does the library order textbooks to be placed on reserve. Placement of reserve textbooks are the responsibility of the individual professors and/or departments. It is strongly suggested that students contact their professors PRIOR to the beginning of the course to see if a copy of the textbooks can be provided for the library reserves. 

*If you are an online student, please contact the Librarian about textbook and course reserves from our library. 


All faculty members and instructors are invited to place items on course reserve. Materials can be books (personal copies or titles the library already owns), handouts, articles, audiovisual materials, etc. Faculty should contact the Librarian directly to make arrangements regarding the following: 

  • What materials will be placed on reserve
  • How long materials should be held
  • Any special instructions
  • Materials should be clearly marked with the instructor’s name

Most reserve items are expected to stay in the library under the same usage guidelines as textbook reserves. However, exceptions can be made for certain types of material (for example, a DVD that may need to be checked out overnight). Please note that the library does not provide audiovisual equipment to play DVD/CDs and/or computer programs. The library has multiple workstations that can be used by students during normal operating hours. 

Students may request a specific item(s) to be placed on hold to be picked-up at the library. A person must use his/her student ID card or a photo ID to place holds and retrieve held items. 

Library materials that are on hold may be retrieved and checked out only by the patron who placed the hold or a person with written approval (electronic formats not accepted, i.e., cell phone images) from the patron with the holds. 

Students may not have more than five (5) holds on materials in the library at any one time. All withheld items will be placed behind the counter and clearly labeled with the retriever’s name. Items can be on hold for one week (7 days, not including weekends); if the patron does not retrieve the holds by them, the items will be placed back on the public shelf. To place an item on hold, email the Librarian or call the NAU library at 832-481-3816 during library hours (library and office hours are listed below). 

Due to budgetary constraints, the NAU Library currently does not offer interlibrary loan services. However, the Librarian will make every effort to help patrons locate materials in other formats (i.e., electronic) or at other institutions. If materials are located at another library, it is the patron’s responsibility to contact that entity to make borrowing arrangements, if that library’s policies allow. Any materials borrowed from another library are the responsibility of the patron, and as such those patrons are subject to that library’s policies on borrowing. 

All patrons that update or change their contact information – such as change of address, name, or telephone number – should report changes to the Library’s Service Desk so the library patron database can be updated. 

Items that are turned in to the Service Desk, or items that are left the library after closing (e.g., in study rooms, on table surfaces) will be held behind the counter at the Service Desk in a special drawer. Items will be tagged with the date, time and location found with a note. If the patron’s name is clearly marked every attempt will be made to contact owners via NAU email. Items will be held for 4 weeks until disposal. 

Fees Schedule

Overdue fee
Accrued fee checkout limit
Maximum overdue fee
Damaged or Lost item
Insufficient funds/return check fee
Talking books replacement disc
Damaged/lost item barcode
Removal of reserve items from library
Other fees
$0.10 per day per item
Replacement cost of the item + $5.00 late fee
$7.00 per disc
$5.00 per day per item for first days; after 3rd day, cost of item and processing fee (cost of item + $5.00)
Case by case basis