M.Ed. School Counseling



The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling program is designed to develop counseling skills and school counselor preparation for individuals who are seeking a graduate degree in school counseling. The program is a non-thesis, 48 hours including a practicum for graduation. Coursework features individual and group counseling theories to help, support and advocate for all students, applying research for data-driven decisions, research methods in support of school counseling programs, legal issues and ethical principles, and developing the design implementation, management, and evaluation of a comprehensive developmental school counseling program. The program prepares students to become a skilled school counselor for K-12 schools, helping students in group and individual counseling.

Program Goals

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling is designed to prepare candidates with the
knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to design and implement a comprehensive and developmental
school counseling program.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in counseling program enables students to:

  1. Appreciate the need for observing legal and ethical practices in counseling
  2. Provide students with knowledge of learning theories and human development across lifespan.
  3. Recognize the relationship between human growth and development and options for counseling interventions
  4. Use individual and group counseling techniques to facilitate treatment planning and implementation for diverse student populations
  5. Research career development options and create a personal career plan.
  6. Understand the various roles of the school counselor, including standards and behaviors as defined in Texas Education Agency’s Comprehensive and Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program.

Degree Requirements

Students seeking a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling degree with 48 credits graduation plan are required to complete 48 credit hours of coursework. All financial obligations to the university must be satisfied before the university can issue a diploma or an official transcript to a student. The program requires the completion of core and major courses.

Core Courses  Courses (15 credits) Credits
EDUC 5311 Human Growth & Development 3
EDUC 5312 Curriculum & Instructional Design 3
EDUC 5313 Statistical Procedures & Measurement 3
EDUC 5324 Integrating Technology into Education 3
EDUC 5325 Research Methods in Education 3
Major Courses  Courses (33 credits) Credits
COUN 5311 Foundation of School Counseling 3
COUN 5312 Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques 3
COUN 5313 Counseling Children and Adolescents 3
COUN 5314 Multicultural Counseling 3
COUN 5315 Developmental Guidance and Counseling 3
COUN 5316 Career development and Counseling 3
COUN 5317 Practicum for School Counseling ** 3
COUN 5318 Group and Family Counseling Theories and Techniques 3
COUN 5319 Mental Health & Community Counseling 3
COUN 5320 Counseling for Special Population 3
COUN 5327 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Education 3


Year Semester Duration Course 1 Course 2
1 Fall 1 8 weeks EDUC 5311-Human Growth and Development EDUC 5313- Statistical Procedures and Measurement
Fall 2 8 weeks EDUC 5324 – Integrating Technology into Education COUN 5311-Foundation of School Counselling
Spring 1 8 weeks COUN 5312-Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques
Spring 2 8 weeks COUN 5313- Counseling Children and Adolescents COUN 5320-Counseling for Special Population
Summer 1 6 weeks COUN 5314 -Multicultural Counseling COUN 5327 -Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Education or
Summer 2 6 weeks COUN 5315- Developmental Guidance and Counseling COUN 5316- Career Development and Counseling
2 Fall 15 weeks COUN 5317- Practicum for School Counseling
Fall 1 8 weeks COUN 5318-Group and Family
Counseling Theories and Techniques
Fall 2 8 weeks COUN 5319-Mental Health & Community Counseling
Spring 15 weeks COUN 5317- Practicum for School Counseling
Spring 1 8 weeks EDUC 5325- Research Methods in Education (or EDUC 5328)
Spring 2 8 weeks EDUC 5312- Curriculum and Instructional Design

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for online School Counseling Master Program:

  • A completed application form
  • An application fee
  • Letter of intent (Statement of Purpose)
  • At least one year of classroom teaching experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Copy of current ID
  • Official Transcripts of all academic work completed at the bachelor level or beyond
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA*
  • For international students: Proof of English Language proficiency**

*Students whose GPA is less than 2.5 must have an overall graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher after completing 9 graduate hours. Failure to achieve the minimum 3.0 GPA after completing 9 graduate hours will result in suspension from the program.
**English Proficiency must be met if undergraduate degree was received outside the U.S. from a non-English speaking country.
Option 1: 2 years of teaching experience in an English speaking country
Option 2: TOEFL (IBT 79) or equivalent nationally recognized standardized tests



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Resident Total Tuition

$310 per credit hr


International Total Tuition

$487 per credit hr