Career Opportunities | Education Majors

The Department of Education provides students with a high-quality education that enables students to prepare curricula, design and deliver instruction with state-of-the-art instructional technology, communicate with parents and students, and effectively manage classrooms based on knowledge of human development, learning environments, and cognitive and behavioral models. Our graduates will also develop appropriate content knowledge and skills with an ability to recognize ethical issues in their professions.
A bachelor’s degree in Education at NAU can prepare you for the following:

  • Elementary School Teachers 
  • Physical Education Teacher 
  • School PE Coach
  • Middle School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • English/Language Arts Teacher
  • Technology Teacher
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Physics Teacher
  • Tutor

Key Skills and abilities:
Desire to work with children,  communicate with children and parents,  serve as a role model, adapt quickly to new situations,  imagination and creativity,  effectively plan activities,  team player with other teachers and staff,  patience and listening skills,   motivate and encourage students,  attention-grabber,  possess a high energy level, critical thinking,  research techniques,  have a sense of humor, coordinating and training, organized,  decision-maker and problem solver, assessing areas that need, improvement, advising and counseling, able to manage groups of children, evaluating and supervising, initiating and persuading, ability to speak to groups of people, leading and managing, disciplinarian, understanding children,  coaching, reporting results, public speaking.