Career Opportunities | Computer Science

Here are some of the skills you will develop upon completion of the program depending on the concentration you choose:

  • C Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Web Design
  • Database
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Data Mining
  • Algorithms
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Administration
  • Internetworking
  • Wireless Networking
  • Computer Security
  • Programming languages
  • Python
Computer science majors have a number of exciting career opportunities open to them. Following are some of most common job opportunities for computer science majors:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Computer Network Support Specialists
  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer Science Teachers
  • Database Administrators
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developers